‘5 Water Socks’ Water-Resistant Sports Socks Debut on Kickstarter

Athletes can look forward to a dry run with the launch of 5 Water Socks, water-resistant sports socks featuring patent-pending RainArmor technology. The brand’s Kickstarter campaign launched this week and ends in July.

The socks fuse billions of hydrophobic nano particles with premium soft yarn to create an undetectable water-resistant barrier that allows for breathability while repelling moisture.

While small amounts of water will be completely repelled, if the socks are inundated with water or submerged, they will get wet. This design feature allows the socks to be machine-washable. They also reduce odors and itching after walking through puddles or perspiring from athletic activities.

The socks are available in white or black, in ankle and mid-calf versions for adults and children.

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The brand was founded by Jaspreet Singh, a native of Punjab, India, who currently resides in Detroit. According to Singh, Michigan’s close proximity to the five Great Lakes, along with Punjab, which means “the land of five waters [rivers],” inspired the company’s name.

Singh explained that both areas are facing similar socioeconomic challenges. Through his Kickstarter initiative, he hopes to bring jobs to his new home in Detroit while also creating awareness about the city’s drug epidemic.

The fundraising campaign offers those pledging $16 or more one pair of socks. Shipping is free in the U.S., with estimated delivery in October.

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