Tom Brady Gives His Teammates Ugg Slippers

Over the past several months, much has been said about Tom Brady’s performance on the field. But there’s more to the New England Patriots’ talented quarterback than Deflategate or even his latest win.

At Footwear News we’re much more interested in his shoe connections — and we aren’t talking about his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Brady has plenty of footwear cred all on his own. Read on to find out just how much:

1. 2010 was a very good year for his closet.

In the last two months of 2010, the NFL star nabbed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Under Armour and also with Ugg Australia, serving as the first spokesperson for its men’s line. Brady once explained in an interview with FN that he was covering every aspect of his daily life: “Under Armour is for on the field and Ugg is for lifestyle.”

2. His stock portfolio probably looks really good right now.

When he signed his endorsement deal with Under Armour in November 2010, Brady received an undisclosed amount of the company’s stock. At that time, Under Armour was trading at around $12 a share. Fast-forward to today: The stock has risen nearly 700 percent to its current price of around $100 a share.

3. He’s tight with the boss.

Last year, when Under Armour Chairman and CEO Kevin Plank received FN’s Person of the Year Award, Brady revealed that he considers Plank more than a business partner but also a friend — and occasionally a dinner guest. “[Kevin has] been over to our house several times and has gotten to know my wife well,” Brady said. (The couple has vacationed with the executive, too, including a trip to Brazil for the World Cup.)

4. He’s generous with his teammates.

As Ugg’s spokesman, Brady is guaranteed to receive plenty of shoes, but he also likes to give them. “I’ve given away a lot of slippers over the years to teammates,” he told FN at an Ugg store opening in 2012. “When you walk in in the morning and half the team is wearing the slippers you gave them, it’s pretty cool.”

Tom Brady UGG shoes
Tom Brady attends the opening of UGG for Men in NYC.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

5. The New England Patriot once towered over New York.

Yep, Tom Brady was once the most prominent man in the Big Apple. In 2012, for the Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza (remember that?), Ugg painted the athlete’s image on the side of building. The towering advertisement, located diagonally across from Madison Square Garden, measured 225 feet tall and 88 feet wide.

Ugg Australia's Tom Brady ad covers the side of a building near Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.
Ugg Australia’s Tom Brady ad covers the side of a building near Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

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