Timberland Debuts ‘Kombit’ Documentary About Haiti

Last month, Timberland hit a milestone with its environmental work in China. But that’s not the only country where the outdoor brand is making a difference — and it has the video to prove it.

Today, the Stratham, N.H.-based company announced the release of “Kombit: The Cooperative,” a documentary chronicling Timberland’s efforts over a five-year period to reforest Haiti in partnership with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance.

The mission began in 2010, when Timberland made a commitment as part of the Clinton Global Initiative to plant five million trees in Haiti within five years. The project resulted in the creation of a large-scale, self-sustaining agroforestry program owned and operated by smallholder farmers.

“With Timberland’s impetus we found a way to provide small-scale farmers in Haiti with the three things they needed most: tools, better-quality seed and specialized training to improve their agricultural practices,” Hugh Locke, co-founder of the SFA, said in a release. “Doing so resulted in much more than the planting of 5 million trees — it has created real environmental, social and economic impact for farmers.”

Timberland; Haiti
Timberland’s Margaret Morey-Reuner with Hugh Locke and Timote Georges of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Andres Cortes.
Timberland; Haiti
Members of Haiti’s Smallholder Farmers Alliance at a tree planting.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Andres Cortes.
Timberland; Haiti
Timberland works to support small farmers to plant trees in Haiti.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sebastian Petion.

To date, Timberland’s support of the SFA has led to the planting of roughly 4.9 million trees and helped 3,200 farmers increase productivity on their farmlands, boosting their household incomes by 50 percent. In addition, an estimated 3,400 children of SFA members are now able to attend school.

“Kombit: The Cooperative” was produced by Found Object and is now available for rental (for $2.99) or purchase and download (for $9.99) at Kombitfilm.com. The net proceeds will benefit SFA.

Watch the trailer for the film here:

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