Geoff Rowley On Vans And Skateboarding

This guy has got longevity. At 39 years old, U.K.-born skateboarder Geoff Rowley continues to push style and lifestyle boundaries in partnership with Vans, his main footwear sponsor for more than a decade.

“Vans has done so much for skateboarding,” Rowley told Footwear News, noting that his all-time favorite Vans skater is Tony Alva.

Recently, the streetwear brand premiered its first full-length film, “Propeller,” to audiences around the world, featuring many of the biggest names in the skate world, including Rowley.

In addition, the athlete will unveil his latest Vans pro model sneaker – the Rowley Solo – on June 13. He stressed that technical details are of the utmost importance for his namesake footwear.

“Duracap is changing the game. It’s a layer of molded rubber between the outer layer of fabric and the internal lining,” Rowley said. “When you wear through the side of the fabric, the layer of Duracap is there as an extra layer of durability – it literally doubles the life of the shoe.”

Vans by Geoff Rowley
A Vans Rowley Solo style
CREDIT: courtesy of brand

When not skating, Rowley is in the mountains. His passion for hiking and game-hunting has resulted in two new business for him – an outfitting and guiding company, and a customized-knife brand.

Here, the adventure-seeker shares some of his favorite things.

Best Skate Shop To Get Gear: “Lost Art in Liverpool, England.”

The Footwear Designer Who’s Influenced Me: “Jon Warren is my favorite shoe designer. He’s an ex-Vans employee who’s now the creative director at Herschel.”

Best Out-of-the-Way Skate Spots: “Slab City, near Niland, Calif., and Mount Baldy Full Pipe in Ontario, Calif.”

The British Meal I Miss Most: “Baked beans on toast forever.”

My Favorite Skate Shoe As A Kid: “The Vans Natives.”

Coolest Place To Travel With Family: “Arizona, because it has abundant public land.”

When I’m Not On My Board: “I like the pursuit of game, scouting, hunting and photography.”

Salvation Mountain, Slab City.
Salvation Mountain, Slab City, Calif.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

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