Outdoor Shoes For Multiple Terrains

The landscape of the outdoor market is changing, with brands feeling the influence from a more urbanized outdoor enthusiast, social-based athletic events and experiences that last no longer than a day. But while the consumer landscape is changing, the traditional outdoor aficionado still exists, taking long hikes, going on camping trips and enjoying as much of the great outdoors as they can.

Because of this expansion of the market, for spring ’16, brands are taking steps to appeal to both customer types, broadening their product lines and offering silhouettes with crossover potential. Included in the these product offerings are trail-running shoes from not only the traditional trail brands but from athletic brands that are breaking into the outdoor market. Also, some of the traditional outdoor footwear brands are adapting to the athlete who’s escaping into nature, creating silhouettes that incorporate athletic-shoe elements, from lighter weights to increased flexibility and more.

When you’re hitting your local outdoor specialty retailer, big box chain store or any carrier of outdoor footwear, you’ll run into the latest multisport hikers, trail running shoes and a variety of boots that are ready to take on whatever terrain you’ll encounter in your outdoor excursions.

Check out what brands will be offering for the upcoming season.

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