Nike’s 20th Anniversary Air Max 95 Sneaker Arrives Thursday

Nike’s iconic Air Max 95, designed by Sergio Lozano, is now 20 years old. To celebrate the anniversary, the Portland, Ore.-based brand will release two commemorative shoes — one for men and one for women — on Thursday.

The men’s Air Max 95 Anniversary will retail for $200, and the women’s will cost $170.

Nike Air Max 95 Anniversary
The men’s Nike Air Max 95 Anniversary in platinum, white and metallic silver.
CREDIT: Nike.com.

What the men’s and women’s shoes have in common is the use of platinum tones throughout the silhouette, though the two look remarkably different.

The men’s Air Max 95 features a platinum-colored leather upper with graphic filigree laser-etched throughout. The shoe’s outsole is white with a platinum-colored sole.

While the men’s silhouette looks very different from the original, the women’s silhouette looks very similar.

The women’s Air Max 95 features the gradient pattern that made the original stand out, with black at the top and platinum tones getting lighter toward the outsole. The shoe has a white outsole with a black bottom.

Nike Air Max 95 Anniversary
The women’s Air Max 95 Anniversary.
CREDIT: Nike.com.

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