Mark “Jumpman” Bostic On Sneaker Releases Before Social Media & The Internet

The Jordan collector and social media influencer started his collection back in 1985 — pre-social media and the internet, when brands relied on TV and posters with release dates. Here, Bostic chats to Footwear News about those days and his Jordan collection.

“Back in 1985, my ‘a_kiction’ started with the beginning of Flight. I was in college at the University of San Diego, and Michael Jordan had left college early for the NBA. I saw the OG 1985 Chicago 1s commercial and I waited on that release, for $65. No Internet, no social media like today, just television and store posters giving the release dates,” Bostic told Footwear News.

“My collection is pretty much all Jordans. I have a passion for Jordan sneakers, and I’ve read up to learn about the different models and reasons for the colorways and materials. But in the last few years, I’ve received some LeBrons, Nike Air Max 90s and KDs from Champs Sports. Juan Guerra II of Kicklahoma started it off, gifting me a pair of custom KD Clearwater VIIs. The one shoe in my collection I needed without a doubt was the player’s edition Air Jordan Ray Allen 13. I tried to get them on release day and was unsuccessful, but after months of searching, I found a legit pair from Boston with the help of a good friend on Instagram, @EROGOTHEAT.”

Chi City Jordan 23 sneakers
Bostic wearing his Chi City Jordan 23 sneakers.
CREDIT: Courtesy Image.

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