L.L. Bean’s Iconic Winter Bean Boot Already Has Waitlist

Customers may not be camping outside the L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine, but once again the iconic L.L. Bean boot that mimics a duck’s webbed foot is in demand. It was just last year that the New England company disappointed fashionistas when demand outpaced supply of the American-made boots.

According the reports, the classic duck boot style already has a substantial waiting list.

Insiders state that the company sold about 450,000 pairs last year and it expects to do even more business this year, with estimates now at 500,000 or more. Part of the allure is the boot’s handcraftmanship, compared to the many lookalikes currently on the market that are produced overseas.

The boots are made in the company’s two factories by a workforce of 500 that also produces items such as tote bags. To date, there are back orders of certain styles and sizes. The company is attempting to speed up production by hiring an additional 100 workers.

But don’t worry if you finally get your pair after the winter is over. It’s unlikely that the classic boot will go out of style anytime soon. And even if the fashion trends should steer in another direction, the boots will still be a welcome workhorse in your wardrobe.

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