Kevin Hart Shares His Reasons For Running With Nike

Take a look at comedian and actor Kevin Hart’s Instagram account and you’ll see photos and videos of him running, dressed head-to-toe in Nike, often out in front of hundreds of locals in whatever city he’s in. Today, through the brand’s website, Hart shared the reasons he runs and the goals of his #runwithhart movement.

“It’s not just about fitness. I’m not just kick-starting your healthier lifestyle; I’m kick-starting your successful mindset,” he said. “It’s hard to achieve if you don’t feel good about yourself. And one thing that makes you feel good about yourself is physical fitness. Achieving your fitness goals and seeing improvement in your body makes you feel good. At the end of the day, if you look good, you feel good — and if you feel good, you’re going to do good.”

His reason for engaging in a fitness lifestyle, according to Hart, is his demanding work, traveling from city to city, entertaining the masses.

“My career takes a toll on my body. I travel and work somewhere north of 12 to 14 hours a day: I’m onstage for an hour and 20 minutes, doing two shows a night, and I always give 110 percent because my fans expect and demand it,” he said. “I realized I couldn’t expect results from my body if I wasn’t taking care of it. And the best way to build endurance and stamina is running.”

Hart is on the road for his “What Now?” tour and has dates across the country until the end of the year, with his next stops in Reno, Nev., tonight, and then Fargo, N.D., and Boise, Idaho, in November.

Through his #runwithhart movement, the comedian encourages his fans to live an active lifestyle by joining him on 5K runs.
“I wanted to connect with my fans in different cities, so I started putting together these spontaneous 5Ks,” he said. “It’s not about coaching people; it’s about inspiring them. I love that when I ask, ‘Who’s running for the first time?,’ the majority of the crowd raises their hands. And when they’re done, they’re motivated and excited, and they say, ‘You know what? I’m not going to let today be my last day’… I’m there at the finish line, high-fiving my people and saying, ‘Welcome to the movement.’”

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