NFL Star JJ Watt Signs With Reebok

Reebok expanded its stable of sponsored athletes today, partnering with Houston Texans defensive star JJ Watt. The sneaker company teamed up with the NFL megastar with hopes of inspiring people to achieve their full fitness potential as a part of its “Be More Human” marketing campaign.

“Being a better human isn’t about constantly setting records; it’s about working hard to become the best version of yourself,” said Chris Waldeck, VP of Reebok US, in a statement. “Not only is JJ the embodiment of that belief, he is an incredibly inspiring athlete who can spread that message further.”

The campaign is designed to get people to push past their comfort zones to reach their potential in fitness.

The 6-foot-5, 290-pound defensive standout celebrated the partnership by releasing a video of him performing a 5-foot-1 box jump while wearing the company’s latest technological innovation, the ZPump Fusion.

According to the company statement, Watt missed the mark on his first attempt but made it on another try. The act of getting back up and trying again, the company said, is an ideal trait of someone who wants to “Be More Human.”

“We saw him fail his first attempt at a 5-foot-1 box jump, and we saw him try again until he accomplished it,” Waldeck said in a statement. “That simple act — trying, failing, and trying again — locked it in for us.”

The company said it’s not just Watt’s on-the-field achievements that made him a desirable athlete to sponsor but also his disciplined off-the-field workout regimen.

“I don’t train to be the best football player, I train to be the best athlete, period. My partnership with Reebok is centered on the goal of inspiring people to push themselves harder and farther than they ever have been before to reach their full potential,” Watt said in a statement. “Fitness is something that should be important to every person on this planet.”

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