6 Best Tiger Woods Nike Golf Commercials

Although times on the green have been rough for Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, he’s had one of the most storied careers in golf of all time. The iconic golfer, who turned pro at the age of 20, is 40 years old today.

While Woods is celebrating his 40th birthday, Footwear News looks back at the six best Nike commercials featuring the 14-time major championship-wining golfer.

“I Am Tiger Woods”

The first commercial starring Woods is also one of the favorites of his fans. The commercial features girls and boys of different races and ages proclaiming they are Tiger Woods, ending with a shot of Woods on the course in action.



Rory McIlroy has been a fan of Woods since childhood. Nike portrayed his fandom of Woods through its “Ripple” ad, starting with McIlroy watching Woods on TV and ending with the two competing against each other.


“Earl and Tiger”

After Woods’ infidelity became public and the golfer’s announcement of an indefinite absence from the sport, Nike released an ad featuring the voice of his late father asking his son questions, including what his thinking was and if he had learned anything.


“The Sport of Golf”

For those critical of the athleticism required to play golf or if golf is a physically demanding sport, Nike infused elements of other sports, from a catcher in baseball to a boxing referee counting out a fighter on the canvas, to illustrate the difficulties of playing the game.



One of the quirkier ads that Woods has appeared in, Nike displays the power of its Nike VR_S Covert club with amateur golfers driving the ball further than they expected onto the next part of the course where others are playing – including Woods.


“No Cup Is Safe”

McIlroy and Woods have appeared in multiple commercials together, including the one titled “No Cup Is Safe,” where the two battled with their best trick shots, ending with Woods getting the best of McIlroy.


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