Extra Butter’s Customers Help Design Saucony Collab Via Instagram

Extra Butter is a fan of the democratic process. The New York-based retailer is releasing a collaboration with Saucony titled Extra Butter For The People, the result of an Instagram voting process by its followers.

The shoe will use the brand’s Shadow 5000 silhouette and be released prior to Election Day next year. The shoe is a nod to the upcoming election year.

At 7:30 p.m., the retailer will engage with its followers and fans via Periscope and discuss the shoe.

Saucony Extra Butter shadow 9000
An Instagram promo image from Extra Butter for its upcoming Saucony collab.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Extra Butter

Extra Butter has worked with its customers through an Instagram voting process where votes were been collected for aspects of the shoe’s design. The voting process included the model used to the colorway and material choices. Choices for the design concepts included American Gothic, Greasers, and the American work force, but the drive-in theater theme came out on top.

Customers that purchase the shoe will receive a certificate of authenticity that authorized their involvement in designing the shoe.

The voting, according to Extra Butter, not only provides the consumer a window into the design process but also offers Saucony and Extra Butter insight into what their customers are looking for.

Saucony Extra Butter shadow 9000
Another Instagram promo image from Extra Butter for its upcoming Saucony collab.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Extra Butter

“The oversaturation of collabs have been well documented, but how many have addressed the issues as to why? It’s not simply too much, but too much mediocre,” said Jason Faustino, co-owner of Extra Butter. “The effort, hunger, and creativity doesn’t feel like it’s there like it used to be. It’s just putting your name on things without much design, with no art of storytelling, and the word ‘collab’ loses its excitement and value. The process could use disruption, new people telling new stories, emphasis on other silhouettes. This is one way we intend to disrupt the process, by breaking standard format and empowering the people.”

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