DJ Khaled On Why Jordans Will Always Be His Kicks Of Choice

DJ Khaled is a Jordan fan through-and-through. Footwear News spoke exclusively to the DJ and Record Producer on why they will always be his sneaker of choice.

“Jordan did a collab with Levi’s in 2008 where the shoes came in a box with the jeans. I remember wearing the shoes when me, Rick Ross, Trina and Flo Rida were on the cover of XXL, and it was special because that was when they recognized the new Miami movement. I remember wearing those shoes — they were talked about heavily, even before people were so into sneakers like they are now.

Every sneaker has a different moment. But the reason I love Jordans so much is that they just know what they’re doing. The style, the shape, the quality — it’s iconic. We get excited every time a new release comes out and it’s the same Jordan he used to wear. That’s powerful. That’s timeless. That’s how I make my music, too: timeless and classic.”

DJ Khaled Nike Air Jordan 5
DJ Khaled on stage in 2015 wearing Supreme Air Jordan 5 sneakers.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

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