See The Guinness World Record Sneaker Collection

Jordy Geller, the Guinness Record holder for largest collection of sneakers owned dishes on personal favorites and just how much he’s spent on his greatest finds.

NUMBER OF PAIRS: “At its peak, the Shoezeum [I opened in Las Vegas in 2012] had 2,504. It’s now down to fewer than 500.”

BRANDS: “Nike. It’s sneakers or barefoot, and sneakers are always Nike.”

FIRST PAIR: “The first Air Jordans I ever owned were the Air Jordan 11s. I always wanted them as a kid, but my parents would never buy me the most expensive models.”

PAIR YOU’LL NEVER GET RID OF: “It’s a single shoe, not a pair, and it was buried in Bill Bowerman’s yard. It’s a handmade Waffle prototype — one of the first Nikes ever.”

Largest Sneaker Collection
Part of Jordy Geller's sneaker collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Geller.

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SNEAKERHEAD’S CLOSET YOU’D LIKE TO RAID: “Mark Parker, CEO of Nike. I’d rather raid his office — the guy is surrounded by Nike artifacts and relics that are very rare.”

MOST YOU’VE PAID: $11,100. “It was a collaboration between Nike and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The shoe, called What the Doernbecher, is a one-of-a-kind. It’s made of a bunch of different shoes designed by patients.”

Jordy Geller with Nike CEO Mark Parker
Jordy Geller with Nike CEO Mark Parker.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Geller.

LEAST YOU’VE PAID: “I bought 1,800 pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors for $1 each. I took them all to a swap meet and sold them for $5 a pair.”

FAVORITE TREND OF TODAY: “Nike is doing a great job telling the stories behind the shoes. And the shoes that they’re retro-ing are more like the original ones than before. If you pick up an original Air Max 90 and compare it with the most recent Air Max 90, they’re spot-on.”

MOST LUXURIOUS PAIR: “In 2007, Nike came out with two pairs of Air Force 1s that were made of real crocodile and anaconda, with accents of 24K gold. They retailed for $2,000 each and just screamed luxury.”

Largest Sneaker Collection
<p>Another side view of the Nike Dunk What The Doernbecher.</p>
CREDIT: Courtesy of Geller.

GO-TO STYLE: “I love the Air Max 97. It’s a stylish shoe and innovative with the 3M silver upper and huge air bubble going heel-to-toe. When Nike came out with the full air, where you could see all the way around the shoe, I was like, ‘They finally did it. It can never get better than this.’”

MUST-HAVES FOR SNEAKERHEADS: “You’ve got to have an Air Jordan 1, maybe an Air Max 1 or an Air Max 90. Everyone should have a pair of Waffles. The Air Jordan 3 is the first one that Tinker Hatfield designed and the first one with the Jumpman logo, so that’s a must. And the Air Jordan 11, [which is] my favorite Air Jordan.”

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