Bait & New Balance Collaborate on G.I. Joe-Inspired Pack

West Coast-based retailer Bait is set to release another collaboration that will make sneakerheads salivate, this time working with New Balance on a pair of the brand’s classic silhouettes. The inspiration behind the collaboration is the iconic cartoon character G.I. Joe.

For the collaboration, the retailer used the brand’s NB 710 silhouette for the Roadblock and the NB 574 style for the Cobra Commander.

The Roadblock, designed to mirror the image of the show’s Biloxi, Miss.-based character Marvin F. Hinton, utilizes the brand’s rugged, tough outdoor shoe, boasting a tan camouflage print upper, with navy lining, laces and outsole. The outsole also features white throughout, with red near the shoe’s heel.

For the Cobra Commander, the retailer and the brand capture the image of the terrorist organization Cobra’s leader with a navy blue snakeskin-print upper, a red and white outsole and red laces. The shoe also features the organization’s logo on the shoe’s heel, near the lining, and the word “cobra” on the inside of the tongue.

The shoes will be available June 20. The Roadblock will retail for $140, and the Cobra Commander will cost $120. To purchase the limited-edition shoes, interested customers need to enter an online raffle via the retailer’s website starting Tuesday. Winners will will be able to purchase one or both pairs.

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