Altra Footwear To Launch IQ Powered by iFit Running Shoe

Altra Footwear, a line of technical running shoes, is introducing its patent-pending Altra IQ powered by iFit shoe for spring ’16. It’s designed to collect data about your stride as you run, allowing you to stay better informed about your personal biomechanics. A razor-thin multi-sensor system embedded in the shoe’s midsole tracks a range of running  intelligence, such as exactly where you’re striking on your foot. Then, using Bluetooth technology, the shoes transmit your data to an iFit app or watch, which will provide individual analysis and real-time coaching on the run. Like all Altra shoes, the IQ features the brand’s signature FootShape toe box, Zero Drop sole and proprietary A-Bound cushioning.

“Many running injuries can be prevented by learning efficient, low-impact running form,” said Altra founder Golden Harper. “This shoe is designed to make runners more efficient and to extend the running career of road warriors out there pounding the pavement. Much of this impact can be avoided with elements of proper running techniques, like high cadence and a soft landing.”

Altra’s proprietary algorithm measures the comparative position of multiple sensors, and calculates the position and movement of each foot through space. Running intelligence includes ground contact time, pace, distance and running cadence.

The app is free and available for iPhones and Android. Data will also be hosted at iFit.com. The app screen will show each of the various metrics collected. Specific recommendations for improving individual aspects of our running form will be visible and audible via smartphone and/or iFit GPS watch, sold separately. A team of running experts, coaches and exercise physiologists crated the analytics and feed back suggestions.

The shoe retails for $200 and will be available for spring ’16 at running shoe specialty stores and AltraRunning.com.

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