Adidas Launches ‘This Is Energy Running’ Campaign

Germany-based athletic brand Adidas has launched a campaign using influential fitness bloggers from around the world to invite runners to join its new Energy Running movement.

To kick it off, Adidas debuted a video online showcasing the campaign, titled “This is Energy Running.”

“Energy Running is more than lacing up and logging miles. It’s a sport-driven social movement that’s just as much about putting a smile on your face and earning a ‘like’ on your feed as it is about breaking a sweat and beating your best,” said Adrian Leek, GM of Adidas Running, in a statement. “This strong roster of influencers, along with our products, services and events focused on Energy Running, connect us to female athletes with even more authenticity and credibility. We have a clear focus on who we want to reach, and we’re taking a fresh new approach on how we reach them.”

Adidas Energy Running
Images from Adidas’ Energy Running campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The runners in the video all wear the brand’s Ultra Boost silhouette.

The campaign will cover today’s top social media outlets, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the social media presence, Adidas will host a series of Energy Running events in cities that include Shanghai, Moscow, New York City, London, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

Tori Bowie Adidas
American sprinter Tori Bowie.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The bloggers selected for the campaign are Rachel Apollonio from Rio de Janeiro, London’s Sophie Christabel, Lindsey Calla from New York, Julia Korzh from Moscow and Tomomi Yuda from Tokyo. American sprinter Tori Bowie and Jamaican sprinter Warren Weir are also featured in the campaign, marking the first time the brand has teamed influential runners with its sponsored athletes.

Watch the video below:

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