Custom-Made Capritouch Sandals at Bloomingdale’s

Last summer, former Bergdorf Goodman footwear DMM-turned-consultant Sally Ross had an idea. “We wanted to bring the spirit — and sandals — of Capri to New York City,” she says. The result was a partnership with Capritouch, a lifestyle brand launched by the owner of Capri Palace luxury hotel, on the Italian island. Ross brought two of their local female cobblers to hand-make pairs on the designer-shoe floor of Bloomingdale’s flagship.

“We knew it was a great concept that people would love, but it surpassed all expectations. We made over 1,100 pairs at a retail of $320,” she said of the concept, which offers three lasts ranging from pancake flat to block heel, and a bounty of color, embellishment and strap styles, with prices starting at $145 and up to $645. Most of the looks are made on the spot in just 15 minutes. The shop just opened again for the season and is already busy.

Capritouch Custom Sandals
A Capritouch style.
CREDIT: George Chinsee

Sizes range from children’s all the way to a women’s 13, with a wide-width option, too, large enough to accommodate some of the men that swarmed the concession when FN stopped by, including Bravo “Fashion Queens” personality and shoe lover Derek J, who opted for the most expensive, crystal-laden pair, at upwards of $600. “I have a lot of casual flat sandals, but this is my first special pair,” said the newly converted sandal man as craftswoman Melania Ferraro embossed the sole with his initials.

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