Jessica Simpson Toasts a Decade: 10 Quotes From Her NYC Bash

Jessica Simpson knows how to make an entrance, even if it’s a late one. While the star kept partygoers (and a throng of press) waiting at a pre-New York Fashion Week party on Wednesday, she clearly was in a celebratory mood as she marked 10 years in the fashion business.

Longtime business partner Louise Camuto, Liz Rodbell, Tina and Joe Simpson and Martha Stewart were some of the big names in the house at Tavern on the Green Wednesday evening to celebrate the designer’s success.

Simpson and her mother and business partner, Tina Simpson, took a few minutes to speak to FN about the significance of the milestone and her next big project. Here are 10 quotes to remember:

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart supported Simpson at her party.
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Jessica Simpson:

On hitting the 10-year mark: “It doesn’t feel real. I am at a place I’m trying to take it all in. It makes me feel a little bit old, but I definitely feel successful at the same time so that’s good.

On her unexpected success: “I just liked to wear cowboy boots and somehow they kept walking. We’ve been doing one thing after another and now we’re with a new partner so that’s exciting.”

On her return to music: “I built a studio in my house so I can be with my kids. I go out to my approval meetings [for my collection] while they nap, but at least I can sing [at home] while they sleep at night.

On her daughter Maxwell’s favorite shoes: My daughter has cowboy boots, her “heels like momma.” Momma wouldn’t wear heels that small.

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson
Simpson with husband Eric Johnson.
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Her New York Fashion Week plan: “It’s [this party] tonight. I’m wearing mesh so I hope a moquito doesn’t get caught in my top.”

Her next category: “We’re launching an active line, which is exciting. Active has been such a huge part of my life and to feel sexy while you work out, it’s the greatest thing I can give a woman.”

Her secret for success: “When you create a brand or have a brand, it’s understanding women and who they are. There’s so many stages of life and I feel like I understand all of them.

Tina Simpson:

On the big changes over the past decade: “In retrospect, so much has happened in 10 years: Four grandkids later, four divorces, multiple deaths.

Jessica Simpson & Tina Simpson
Jessica Simpson with her mom, Tina.
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On Vince Camuto’s lasting impact: “On “Today” this morning, Jessica wore the very last shoe Vince and I had a conversation about. He was like, ‘Tina, this is going to be a huge seller.’ He taught me so many great things about how to run a business.”

On her favorite shoes: I wear Jessica Simpson shoes all the time, except I’m really obsessed with Birkenstocks. I wore them in high school in the 1970s. I swear they made my feet get flat. I have to retrain my feet for heels again. I also wear a lot of Stan Smith – all these things come full circle. If it’s a solid brand, there is always a resurgence.”

Louise Camuto
Louise Camuto.
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