Vince Vaughn’s Unfinished Business with Foot Locker

Does Vince Vaughn have some unfinished business with Foot Locker? It would appear so.

The deadpan man, whose latest film “Unfinished Business” hits the big screen on March 6, plays a small business owner with something to prove. Taking on the classic Vaughn role, his character finds himself surrounded with a hodgepodge group of associates. One of them, a nerdy kid played by Dave Franco (younger brother of James), isn’t a fan of the footwear business — well, really, feet for that matter.

When Franco meets Vaughn for the first time in a parking lot of their soon-to-be corporate rival, the conversation quickly turns to prior work experience.

“Do you have any sales experience,” Vaughn asked.

“Yes I do,” Franco said with enthusiasm. “Yeah, at Foot Locker.”

“Great,” replied Vaughn. “And reasons for leaving?”

“I don’t like feet.”

The two eventually team up, along with an elder, out-of-touch business man played by Tom Wilkinson. The threesome hit the road to Europe with the goal of nabbing a big account.

It’s no surprise things soon “go off the rails in every way imaginable — and unimaginable — including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit,” according to an IMDB description.

The movie also stars Sienna Miller — who is coming off her smash hit role in the Academy Award-nominated “American Sniper” — and June Diane Raphael.

While the retail world wasn’t a good fit for Franco’s character, who hasn’t had a job or two that didn’t go according to plan. Tell us about a job that wasn’t right for you @Footwearnews.

Want to laugh? Check out the trailer below.

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