Tom Cruise’s Original ‘Mission Impossible’ Suspension Suit Up For Auction

The fifth installment in the “Mission Impossible film series—“Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation”—hits theaters this Friday. Tom Cruise returns as spy Ethan Hunt, the character he has played in all the films. Hunt is known for his daring stunts and often wears a suspension suit when dangling from tall buildings.

For those who are major fans of the franchise, the suit will be up for auction at Christie’s on September 10 at their South Kensington, London location. The art auction house estimates the suit will bring in somewhere between $8,000-$10,000. Cruise donned the suit in the first “Mission: Impossible” installment in 1996. Christie’s is including the suit as part of its annual “Out of the Ordinary” auction which includes everything from canvas paintings to pinball machines.

The suit is comprised of a rubber headset, black-rimmed glasses, latex gloves, black canvas jacket, a t-shirt, jogging pants, and black lace up boots. The set comes mounted on a stand inscribed with “Tom Cruise Mission Impossible C.I.A. Langley Costume.”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in a scene from 2011’s “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.”
CREDIT: Facebook.

Christie’s has also been in the news this week after Lady Gaga’s fiancé Taylor Kinney purchased three pairs of Alexander McQueen Armadillo boots for a combined $295,000. It was at first unclear who had purchased the iconic shoes until Gaga posted photos on Instagram with her new footwear. Proceeds from that sale are being donated to relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Nepal.

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