Eva Longoria’s Shoes On The Set Of “Telenovela”

Drama on-screen equals high fashion and fierce footwear moments on the set of “Telenovela.” Season one returns on NBC today, so Spy caught up with costume designer Janie Bryant to talk Eva Longoria‘s shoe secrets.

How would you describe the overall fashion?
“It’s such an interesting show, because it’s not only costume design for the Telenovela, but for the actors in their real lives. It’s a show within a show. With the Telenovela, it’s all about being over-the-top and glamorous.”

What shoes does lead star Eva Longoria wear for both?
“I went to Shoes of Prey and we designed shoes manufactured just for her. There are platforms, metallics and different color silks. It’s all about bright colors for the Telenovela. She has a couple of pairs that she wears in real life, such as a nude snakeskin platform sandal. There were a lot of other brands too, like Jerome Rousseau, Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin, Guess. I used a lot of high and low shoes, like an amazing pair of Fendi’s and footwear from Zara.”


Eva Longoria "Telenovela" Shoes
Eva Longoria’s Shoes of Prey shoes seen in “Telenovela.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Bryant

What was the experience like styling Longoria?
“I love working with Eva because she’s so much fun. She loves fashion and loves glamour. She looks great in everything. I always loved her excitement about fashion, she feels very comfortable in being super glamorous. A pair of Brian Atwood shoes and a pair of Louboutins are from her personal closet that she brought on.”

"Telenovela" Eva Longoria Shoes
“Telenovela” star Eva Longoria with costume designer Janie Bryant.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Bryant

Where did you find inspiration for a show so different than “Mad Men?”
“The show is hilarious. I loved working on a comedy. It’s very different than a drama in terms of design. The color palette is brighter. I’ve designed mostly period in the past. There are so many gowns and costume changes for thi show. I watched Telenovela’s and looked at fashion magazines, specifically from Spain and Mexico. There is also a sensuality to the way women dress in Miami, I wanted Longoria’s character [Ana Sofia] to be super chic and sexy.”


"Telenovela" Shoes Eva Longoria
Shoes of Prey shoes worn by Eva Longoria on set of “Telenovela.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Bryant

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