Taylor Swift Debuts ‘Style’ Video + Her Shoe Evolution

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited music video for “Style” is here. Slow, sepia-tinged and like the indie sister of “Blank Space,” Swift’s big on the narrative in her latest video but running short of shoes (much to FN’s dismay). In a total departure from its predecessor, the “Style” video shows the singer barefoot and undone. Take a look and let us know if you like Swift’s new style.

On Feb. 12, FN reported:

In case you’ve avoided social media, the glossies or the Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift is in “Style.”

Since beefing up her repertoire to include a pop-influenced album (2012’s “Red” — with lipstick to match) followed by her first true pop debut, “1989” (which has ushered in an era of crop tops and sky-high platforms), Swift is everywhere, with an enviable shoe closet to boot.

In the last week alone, she’s mended her relationship with Kanye West — the two are said to be collaborating on a song in the future — put to bed any Twitter-fueled issues with DJ Diplo, and announced she’s unveiling her latest video for the effervescent “Style,” which contains the catchy phrase, “Cause we never go out of style.”

Swift has been teasing her upcoming video on Instagram. The look is artsy and far moodier than we’ve seen from the singer in the past. Today’s post shows the singer in three white outfits, but little in the way of footwear, for now.

While there’s no sign of what’s going on south of her ankles, we’re pretty sure it’s worth the wait. Her perpetually popular “Blank Space” video included shoes from Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, Prada and Bionda Castana — the taller the better for the blonde singer.

Although her personal shoe preferences often mirror those of her video alter egos (plenty of platforms and statement-making styles), Swift easily swaps in flat-heeled, fashion-forward styles on her off-duty days. And as a longtime Keds collaborator, she’s got plenty of options.

Take a look and tell us Swift’s best footwear moment.


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