Star Wars Shoes To Buy Ahead of #ForceFriday

If the buzz around the new “Star Wars” film hasn’t gotten you yet, Disney is making a big push tomorrow to catch your eye (and dollars).

Dubbed “Force Friday,” all officially licensed Star Wars toys and merchandise are hitting store shelves, roughly four months ahead of “The Force Awakens” release. And yes, there are even midnight release parties happening at some retailers. With all the leaks and theories and teeniest tiniest reveals to keep fans interested for the next four months, tomorrow ought to promise a lot more than new toys and apparel.

Star Wars Shoes
Adidas, Star Wars Superstar Customizable Sneakers in metallic R2-D2 silver and C-3P0 gold, $60.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Since action figures aren’t our specialty, we’re thinking more along the lines of standout Star Wars shoes. Adidas earlier this summer debuted a new line of customizable Superstar sneakers inspired by Darth Vader and the redesigned Stormtroopers if you’re looking to add the Dark Side to your closet. Otherwise, C-3P0 and R2-D2 are another way to get your Star Wars Adidas fix.

Crocs, which has long had Star Wars styles, debuted two new ones for adults. Our pick was the furry lined Chewbacca Crocs for grownups. Stride Rite also has a new light up style for those littlest fans.

Skechers will debut its collection soon and the Ugg Australia Star Wars slipper and boot line hits stores later this fall.

And just in case you’re not in the market for Star Wars shoes (which we sincerely hope you are), you can always re-watch the two teaser trailers to get ready for December.

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