Set Secrets: ‘Scandal’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Magic is set to host a costume-designer panel featuring two of the best in the biz. Here, Lyn Paolo and Mandi Line share behind-the-scenes shoe moments and personal favorites before Wednesday’s panel.

Set Secrets Scandal
"Scandal" costume designer extraordinaire
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Lyn Paolo, “Scandal”
Best shoes on the show: “We use a lot of Dior, Manolo Blahnik, SJP and Valentino. I adore the silhouettes and the length that the higher heels give to the leg. I also love using natural tones to lengthen the leg. Off camera, our ladies all have their comfort shoes, like Ugg.”
Personal favorites: “Because I am on my feet all day, there are always about eight pairs of shoes under my desk. Right now, I see Valentino, Uggs, Nikes, Rag & Bone and Vivienne Westwood.”
Have you ever taken style inspiration from the characters you dress? “Often, you do morph into the characters you’re dressing. A few years ago, I was working on a period piece that was set in the 1940s. At the end of the project, I realized that I was wearing period dresses belted at the waist, with Fiorentini and Baker boots. On ‘Scandal,’ however, I feel that I channel Quinn and Abby more than Olivia.”
Favorite ‘Scandal’ fashion moment: “Gosh, it’s hard to separate the fashion from the story. I adored dressing Bellamy [Young] as ‘Smellie Mellie’ in those gorgeous Meng and Khristine robes.”

Set Secrets "Pretty Little Liars"
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Mandi Line, “Pretty Little Liars”
Best shoes on set: “I love Nike for its changing on-trend designs, I love Jeffrey Campbell … because they’re wild and think outside the box, and Dolce Vita for their elegance at the right price.”
Personal favorites: “I’m obsessed with All Saints for the edge. YSL because they are perfection. And Givenchy ‘Rottweiler’ flats have been my go-to casual shoe.”
Have you ever taken style inspiration from the characters you dress? “All the time. I make these girls my living dolls and get to play dress-up every day — and my producers let me. Crazy.”
Favorite PLL fashion moment: “I used to say Aria’s [Lucy Hale’s] black-and-red Masquerade Ball look, but now it’s Spencer in the Season Five finale. Mum’s the word — sorry!”

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