Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Candid On ‘Billy On The Street’

Sarah Jessica Parker is the latest star guest to be yelled at during an episode of “Billy on the Street.”

SJP is a special guest on Thursday’s episode with Billy Eichner, but thanks to a clip that was released early, FN noticed that a short conversation about shoes was included.

When Eichner stalks talking about the somewhat controversial reviews of “Sex and the City 2,” Parker comes back with, “It did make an enormous amount of cash.”

Eichner then fires right back with, “Why don’t you shove that down our faces, we know you’re very rich. It doesn’t explain why you’re out there begging people to buy your shoes.”

Parker treats the interview all in good fun and says, “I should have prepared myself for this.”

The actress and shoe designer, of SJP Collection, also took to Instagram to talk about her time on the show. “See that look in my eyes? It’s what I know we all feel about @billyeicher … So there I was, standing side by side with him, getting yelled at by him (oh the joy) running the streets of NYC with him, a dream come true.”


Check out the full clip below. The full episode will air Thursday on truTV.


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