‘Paper Towns’ Costume Designer: Cara Delevingne’s Shoes On Set

The wait is over — “Paper Towns” is here. The buzzed-about film, thanks in large part to “it girl” star Cara Delevingne, is all about cool shoes on set.

The film centers on Delevingne as the mystery neighbor who co-star Nat Wolff setts off to find when she disappears.

“[The fashion] was meant to be sort of this eclectic mix of fun and interesting looks for young teenagers and high school kids,” said costume designer Mary Claire Hannan. “Each character has their own look and style, without being overstated. The shoes can go anywhere, yet describe the person.”

Here, Hannan shares her set secrets for shoes on set.

What brands did you gravitate to?

“Matt Wolf wore Pumas. They weren’t these really electric running shoes, just classic and an all-around casual shoe. Cara wore Converse, which helped create her outgoing character who can kick the ball around with the guys but still be a girl. The style has a spirit of coolness in a black high-top — it made her look edgy without trying.”

"Paper Towns" Shoes on Set
Stars Cara Delevingne and Matt Wolf.
CREDIT: 20th Century Fox

What was it like working with Delevingne?

“She has an enormous amount of energy and intelligence and plays a complex character. I would walk through Topshop and see her all over their billboards. The way she wears clothes, you can put her in a paper bag [and she’ll still look amazing]. So instead of going to the mall, where she’s all over, we went to thrift stores.”

Does the film feature Delevingne in more dressed-up moments, too?

“There is a quick sequence in which Clinton [Wolff] sees her in a dream, and she’s in this really strong, beautiful red satin dress by Halston Heritage.” 

Favorite fashion scene?

“We looked forward to doing the prom [scene] at the end of the movie. We put the men in Ted Baker shoes, Halston Sage [Lacey] wore Rag & Bone, there were some Keds, Sperry and Converse. It ran the gamut for high school kids. Every so often, you throw in Steve Madden lace-up boots.”

Cara Delevingne's "Paper Towns" Shoes on Set
Cara Delevingne stars as Margo.
CREDIT: 20th Century Fox
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