OITNB Costume Designer Reveals On Set Shoes

The inmates are back. Season 3 is on Netflix now and fans are ready for more drama among the inmates, especially stars Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon.

FN is ready for more shoe scenes, including those prison boots paired with orange jumpsuits.

OITNB Season 2
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon.
CREDIT: Netflix

We talked to costume designer Jenn Rogien (also of “Girls” fame) and got the scoop on the footwear from the show:

We mostly see the characters in orange uniforms, but what about the footwear looks?                                            

“There is a pair of standard-issue boots that we purchased from a prison supplier. The actors are very divided: Some of them love the boots’ clunky and powerful feel and others hate them for the same reason. It’s funny to see the range of reactions because it’s a real prison boot.”

OITNB Season 3 Shoes
Taylor Schilling with Lea DeLaria, aka “Big Boo.”
CREDIT: Netflix

The show also features flashback scenes. Is this your chance to showcase other shoe brands?                                    

“My philosophy is that costumes are built from the ground up. We had a few flashbacks in the first season where we used out-of-season Manolo Blahniks we found at DSW for Piper. She had a lot of money then and it was the right shoe. For her contemporary life, we ended up using a lot of Frye.”

OITNB Season 3 Shoes
Behind-the-scenes look staring Uzo Aduba.
CREDIT: Netflix

What about the non-inmates on the show?

“Fascinatingly, Larry [Biggs] had a huge shoe closet. We featured casual to dressy looks, from Cole Haan to Ralph Lauren. Fig [Alysia Reiner] has some shoe moments come up too. She was always in an elegant shoe. Inmates are stripped of wardrobe as a means of self expression, and she’s oblivious to that. We found out more about her past in season 2, and that’s always reflected in her shoe choices.”

OITNB Season 3
Lea DeLaria, “Big Boo,” with Taryn Manning.
CREDIT: Netflix

More to come on season 3 shoes, but for now, get your fix with more standout style moments from Schilling.


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