‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Teaser; Janie Bryant Talks Shoes On Set

“Mad Men” is getting ready to close its curtains for good.

The final Season 7 episodes are around the corner (mark your calendars for April 5), and a new teaser is out to generate buzz and perhaps a few tears that the end is near.

Unfortunately, not many shoe moments appear in the clip — a black patent look on Jon Hamm and some bell bottoms get in the way of others. Luckily, FN has interviewed the show’s renowned costume designer, Janie Bryant.

Here, Bryant looks back at Season 6 shoes and shares her victorious vintage finds.

Who was one of your favorite characters to design for on “Mad Men”?
“Jessica Paré [Megan Draper]. We did everything from sandals and chunky low-heel pumps to mod ankle, knee-length and lace-up boots. I loved the variation in all of the shoes she wore.”

How did you prepare for Season 6?
“An approach I take every season that has worked for me is, I love to watch films from the period. Some great ones I watched a lot were ‘The Graduate,’ ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,’ ‘Casino Royale’ and so many others. Of course, I always look through my catalogs [from the era], from Montgomery Ward, Spiegel, JCPenney and Sears. Those catalogs are important for my research because it’s like the everyday person from that period. For other characters, I’m inspired by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Life, Look, Holiday and, of course, GQ and Esquire. But we do research throughout the entire season, not just at the start.”

Do you have a favorite costume for this season?
“Megan’s tapestry cut-velvet two-piece ensemble when she comes into the apartment lobby [in the first episode of the season]. It’s a double-breasted velvet coat with a matching mini skirt. She’s wearing a square-heeled, two-toned Mary Jane shoe. It’s an ochre green [upper] and strap with a winter-white leather heel.”

What’s your favorite shoe find for this season?
“A pair that Sally Draper [Kiernan Shipka] wore. They are beautiful. They are bright red and navy blue with a little T-strap. I just love them.”

You’re based in Los Angeles, but you’ve also lived in NYC. What are some of your favorite vintage stores on each coast?
“Cherry Vintage in New York City is the best resource for vintage shoes. My resource for amazing shoes here in Los Angeles is a vendor I met at the Rose Bowl. His name is Jermel Nakia. He has amazing taste and the best taste in vintage shoes.”


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