Katie Couric Pranks James Corden With High-Heel Malfunction

The first day of April ended with a bang … wham … thump … oof, courtesy of Katie Couric. Last night, the TV personality played a heart-stopping April Fools’ joke on James Corden, the new host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS.

Following Corden’s introduction, the camera cut to Couric at the top of the stairs in Studio 56. She was seen briefly adjusting her strappy black high-heel sandal, which causes her to tumble headlong down the stairs. A shocked Corden (whose initial outcry had to be bleeped) jumped up to help and got an even bigger surprise when the real Couric appeared at the top of the stairs. (The women lying on the floor was stunt double Heidi Pascoe.)

Check out the video to see the masterful prank in action:

The clip of the incident has gone viral across the web, and in keeping with today’s age of skepticism, many have questioned whether Corden’s reaction was genuine. However, both the “Late Late Show” team and Corden have said that his surprise was real and that everyone except the show’s host was in on the stunt.

Corden tweeted of the night:

Even Couric’s fellow guests, Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Piven, seem to have been forewarned. Rossum posted this tweet yesterday:

British comedian Corden has been behind the desk of the “Late Late Show” for less than two weeks. He took over from former host Craig Ferguson on March 23 and has so far scored A-list guests such as Tom Hanks, Mila Kunis, David Beckham and Clare Danes. But a buzz-making gag like this is exactly what the little-known Brit has needed to help introduce him to U.S. audiences.


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