Kanye West Offers Fan Free Yeezy Boosts By Adidas To Throw Away Nikes, Responds to Beck Comments

Fresh off the flight from L.A. to NYC on Monday morning, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian encountered a fan at the airport who happened to be wearing red Nike Kicks, while West was still sporting his brand-new Yeezy 750 Boost by Adidas from the Grammy Awards the night before.

“The time is coming, no more of those, you know that,” West said as he pointed to the fan’s Nike sneakers in a video captured by TMZ. “Which would you rather have?” continued West as he compared shoes with the fan. “If I could give you these right now, would you throw those in the trash right away?” he asked.

The fan, without hesitation, said of course. The rapper is definitely pumped up about his new Adidas collaboration, because his security took the fan’s info and it looks like he, along with Jay Z, Kendall Jenner and Big Sean, will be receiving the Yeezy Boosts straight from the rapper himself. “You just need to be enlightened. You just need to feel free, that’s what I’m saying. We gonna hook you up today, man. No more oppression.”

West is still receiving some heat from his comments at the Grammys, when he said Beck should have given his award for Album of the Year to Beyoncé. Garbage rocker Shirley Manson wrote on Facebook that West’s antics made him look “look small and petty and spoilt.”

West did clear up some confusion about his comments in the same paparazzo video, saying that he didn’t say Beck needs to respect artistry, but that the Grammy Awards need to. Although, the rapper is still team Queen Bey all the way. “Beck knows Beyoncé should’ve won, you know that,” he said. “C’mon, man, I love Beck, but he didn’t have album of the year.”

The rapper has also spoken out against Nike many times since he began working with Adidas. Most recently, Kanye called out the brand while on stage with Big Sean at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. “I just want to talk to Portland right quick. Everybody at the Nike office right quick,” West said in the clip. “Hov [Jay Z], I ain’t going to talk too long, but I got to say something! Cause I know the execs are saying ‘Nike ain’t scared of Kanye West.’ Should Nike be scared of Kanye West?” His hit “New Slaves” began to play, and West told the crowd, “Y’all should thank Nike because they made me make these songs right here.”

Watch the video below:


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