‘Flesh And Bone’: The Show’s Costume Designer Talks Shoes On Set

So you think you can dance? “Flesh and Bone” is a new series on Starz that provides an inside look at the life of ballet dancers in New York City. While the dancers wear pointe shoes in the studio, during other scenes, their fashion and shoe game is high-level. Here, costume designer Tom Broecker talks to Spy about the best footwear moments on set.

How would you describe the fashion on “Flesh and Bone”?

“We are very conscious of the fashion on the show, making sure that these [actors] really look like dancers. Dancers have a very specific aesthetic, and there is a lot of crossover of their class style with their outside looks. How they wear clothes is unique.”

What footwear brands do we see outside the dance studio?

“Daphne [Raychel Diane Weiner] wears a lot of items from Barneys. The prima ballerina Kiira [Irina Dvorovenko] has an amazing pair of Alexander McQueen boots and wears Gianvito Rossi heels to a gala. Claire [Sarah Hay] basically runs away from home — she has very few clothes with her and a pair of Aldo army boots. Her roommate, Mia [Emily Tyra], is a bit more bohemian. She has a couple of pairs of Nike wedge sneakers and later wears Chuck Taylors.”

"Flesh and Bone" Shoes on Set
Executive producer Moira Walley Beckett on the “Flesh and Bone” set.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Starz

How did you choose the dance shoes?

“Every dancer has a type of shoe they like [for their] feet. Some people dance barefoot, some wear socks. One dancer would only wear Capezio. Each person had his or her own pointe shoe. I used to dance a long time ago, and in a really amazing way, this was coming back to my youthful existence and understanding what the dancers’ needs are.”

Any fun facts from filming?

“When dancers take class, they like to wear layers, and half the time they end up looking like homeless people. There was this whole idea of layering up and still making it interesting to look at. The journey of color and texture and that sort of thing was a real challenge.”

"Flesh and Bone" Shoes on Set
Claire Robbins on the “Flesh and Bone” set.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Starz

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