DJ AM’s Sneakers For Sale: Proceeds To Fund Documentary

Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, was not only known for his DJing, but also for his prized sneaker collection. Six years after his death, a documentary about his life and times is set for release, and the self-financed and independently produced doc needs some help getting across the finish line.

Through an Indiegogo campaign, DJ AM’s sneakers — part of his 900-plus collection — are available for purchase, and the money from the sales will help with the release of the film, “As I am.”

The campaign has already raised over $90,000 and is looking to reach its goal of $125,000.

One of the most expensive collectables in the campaign, set for $5,000, are Goldstein’s Air Force 1 DJ AM Lasers — a gift from Nike made just for the DJ. Each shoe has unique, individual DJ AM logo placements.

Nike Air Force 1 DJ AM Lasers.

Other sneakers for sale include the Nike SB Dunk Danny Supa, which was the first Nike skateboarding shoe ever made. Pro skater Danny Supa helped with the design, and its colorway was inspired by the NY Mets.

Nike DJ AM Sneakers
Nike SB Dunk Danny Supa.

In 2005, one of the most chaotic sneaker releases came from the Nike SB Dunk Pigeons x Staple Design Pigeon lows. The collaboration with Jeff Staple sparked on riots in NYC, according to sneaker expert Jordan Geller. The pair for sale is one of only 202 that were made. The kicks never hit the auction and were only on display at a local Undefeated retailer.

Nike DJ AM Sneakers
Nike SB Dunk Pigeons x Staple Design Pigeon lows.

More shoes from Goldstein’s sneaker collection included Nike Lebron Zooms, Nike SB Dunk Tiffany x Diamond Skate Supply Co. and  Nike Hyperstrike highs that were never released to the public.

You can help fund the film by visiting the Indiegogo campaign page.

Watch Geller detail each sneaker in the video below.

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