Chris Pratt Caught Running in Heels on ‘Late Show’

Is there anything Chris Pratt can’t do? Last night the actor was on the “Late Show with James Corden” promoting his new film “Jurassic World,” and like any action-movie star, donned a pair of red patent high heels to prove he can run in them.

Host Corden, pointed out that Pratt’s co-star Bryce Dallas Howard does much of her running from the man-eating dinosaurs in the film in high heels. How did she get ready for the sprints in the Hawaiian jungles and mud in stilettos?

“I trained for running in heels as if I were in the Olympics,” Howard said. |”This is a life and death situation here!”

Corden then asked if Pratt had ever worn heels. “No, I’ve never found a pair big enough to run in. I think I’d be able to do it,” Pratt laughed.

Sure enough, Corden had a pair of shiny red patent pointy-toe heels waiting in the wings for his guest. Complete with black tube socks, Pratt ran (or maybe shuffled gracefully?) across set ending the sprint with a little kick.

Watch on FN

Dare we ask if he can get a pair in black and nude?

You can see the clip below and don’t miss our coverage of Tuesday’s big premiere.

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