Cheryl Burke Talks Pinkberry & Patrick Swayze

“Dancing With the Stars” veteran Cheryl Burke will soon step into a new TV gig. NBC tapped her for an upcoming variety show that, she hinted, will allow her to do more than dance.

Outside of performing, Burke is making her mark on the fashion world with the launch of a line of activewear on QVC under the Cee Bee label. It’s the kind of clothing women could wear to the dance studio Burke owns in Mountain View, Calif.

For her own wardrobe, the native Californian told Footwear News that she always makes comfort a priority from head to toe. “If it were up to me, I would do the red carpet in activewear,” said Burke. “My dream is to come out with a shoe line where women could wear wedges and heels that are as comfortable as a dance shoe. I know lots of women want to wear heels, but after a period of time, it hurts their back.”

Even though she now has an apparel business, Burke admitted she hates to shop. “I love to wear things in my closet I’ve had for years that are comfortable,” she said. “I love denim boyfriend shorts with flannel. It’s my everyday go-to look.”

Here, the TV star-turned-designer shares a few more of her secret loves.

Favorite season: “I’m a summer girl. I was born in California and [enjoy the] 75 degrees in Los Angeles in winter.”

Alternative career: “I’d try to be a tennis pro.”

My late-night vice: “I love frozen yogurt and trashy reality TV. Pinkberry is my weakness.”

Best dish I cook: “I’m a horrible cook but good at sunny-side-up eggs. And you can eat breakfast for lunch and dinner.”

Last wedding I attended: “Lance Bass and Michael Turchin. Lance did ‘Dancing With the Stars’ a few years ago.”

Film star I’d like to have danced with: “Patrick Swayze. I loved him in ‘Dirty Dancing.’ It’s one of my favorite dance movies.”

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