Madonna Parties in Giuseppe Zanotti & Prada in Latest Video

If you need a healthy dose of neon, partying or all things pink, Madonna’s latest video, “B*tch I’m Madonna,” will certainly make you happy.

The Queen of Pop debuted her latest video on Tidal today. In it, she spends the entire four minutes partying and dancing around the Standard Hotel in all her glory. And yes, we know you haven’t registered for Tidal yet, so we rounded up all the big looks from the video.

Madonna takes to the screen in a Moschino leopard-print dress and hot pink studded jacket by Discount Universe. And, no surprise here, she’s wearing Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers. The singer is a big fan of the styles — she wore a pair when she was last on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Besides Madonna partying like it’s 1984, big names from Chris Rock to Kanye West and Diplo make surprise appearances in the video. Other partiers run the gamut from Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Rita Ora to Miley Cyrus (who is decked out in very glittery eyeshadow). Naturally, since Nicki Minaj is featured on the song, she, too, brings the neon, or at least the pink — her hair matches Madonna’s jacket.

But when Alexander Wang took to the screen, doing his very best dance moves, we may have gotten just a little too excited. After all, he does seem to be having the most fun. (And just in case anyone doubted Madonna’s ability to rock his extreme footwear, just a while back she was spotted in Wang’s chunky platforms just days after they went down the runway.)

And not to go without at least one more outfit change, Madonna swaps her leopard dress and “Threat” hat by SSUR for a custom T-shirt dress by Tom Tom Fashions and Prada shoes.

While many have compared the release to a more recent celebrity ensemble video (Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”), the only comparison we see is a bunch of seriously powerful female pop stars. And if Beyoncé has your back, we figure it can’t be a bad thing.

Shoes Bitch I'm Madonna
Madonna in her latest video.
Shoes Bitch I'm Madonna Video
Nicki Minaj in Madonna’s latest video.
Shoes Bitch I'm Madonna Video
Madonna wearing Prada shoes in her new video.
Shoes Bitch I'm Madonna Video
Beyoncé in Madonna’s new video.


Giuseppe Zanotti black high-top wedge sneakers
Giuseppe Zanotti black high-top wedge sneakers.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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