Beyoncé Shows Off Her ‘Moves’ in Nike for Michelle Obama’s #GimmeFive

Beyoncé has taken to Instragram to show her support for the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move health program.

Set to the theme from “Rocky,” Bey can be seen doing standing side bends, jumping side lunges, obliques, and regular lunges wearing black-and-white Nike sneakers.

This isn’t just any full-body routine. Oh no — the “Countdown” singer cranked it up to super-speed (making full use of Hyper Lapse?) for the #GimmeFive campaign, which aims to combat childhood obesity.

The First Lady, alongside President Barack Obama, called on Let’s Move’s fans and celebrity followers to share five ways they stay fit and then ask someone else to do it (which makes the effort a strong contender to follow up the ubiquitous Ice Bucket Challenge).

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let's Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama 💪

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Jay Z’s wife has been a longtime supporter of the First Lady’s campaign, even rewriting one of her hit songs, “Get Me Bodied,” for a video in 2011. The song opens with “Mission One: Let me see you run,” and takes place in a school cafeteria.

And Bey’s not the only star taking part. Michelle Obama also tweeted Mario Lopez and Ryan Seacrest, who in turn called on Nick Jonas to share as well.

Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” Kerry Washington said: “I do my Olivia Pope strut every day … No, I usually do a lot of Pilates and sometimes hiking and all different kinds of stuff.”

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