America’s Next Top Model Series Finale: Revisiting Hazardous Runway Shoe Moments

“You want to be on top?”

With America’s Next Top Model ending its series run tonight with its 22nd season finale on The CW tonight, memories of impossibly-high shoes and dangerous runways especially come back to mind. (In case you missed it, FN even highlighted our favorite footwear fumbles here).

The series, hosted once again by supermodel Tyra Banks, has offered a bevy of torturous heel moments during its run. Below, we take a look at the show’s top hazardous runway shoe moments from seasons past.

Throwing back to Cycle Six, an entire challenge was dedicated to teaching the models how to navigate the runway in skyscraper stilettos. Banks cited a particular Vivienne Westwood show where Naomi Campbell took an infamous tumble, saying, “A lot of the times, [Westwood] has models wear shoes that are very uncomfortable and very high.” The result? A few ensuing tumbles, and definitely a few sprained ankles.

Then, there was Cycle Seven. Models had to walk a slippery dock runway, which tilted unevenly as they stepped—oh, and of course they had to do it in heels. While some managed to strike a fierce pose, others focused solely on keeping their balance.

Flash forward to Cycle 14. The models had to descend a long staircase and walk past two swinging pendulums, which resulted in more of an obstacle course than fashion runway. Unfortunately for one model, she teetered too slowly in her stilettos, meeting one pendulum that smacked her off the catwalk. Call it fashion roadkill.

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