Moreschi Launches 70th Anniversary Book

Italian footwear brand Moreschi presented on Tuesday its new photographic book, “Moreschi: La Calzatura Italiana Fra Arte e Mestiere” (Italian Footwear, Including Art and Craft)  to celebrate 70 years of the brand’s history.

Gianbeppe Moreschi, founder and guide of the well-known shoe manufacturer attended the event at the brand’s Milan store, surrounded by his three sons, Mario, Stefano and Francesco.

“This is the story of my family. This book is the demonstration that, after 70 years, my father’s company has been able to develop. This is a never-ending story,” said Moreschi at the event. He added: “In 70 years, the fashion has changed and what man needs now is sobriety and classicism. The woman, in the same way, pursues the beauty, for that she never wants to be vulgar.”

The book retraces the company’s steps from its beginnings in 1945 until today. It features more than 100 images that show the art and craft of manually manufacturing shoes, with quotes on footwear from Thomas Carlyle, Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.

The quote was edited by Cristina Morozzi, journalist, critic and design director of education at the Marangoni Institute, and is published by Rizzoli, retailing for 70 euros, or $75 (check your currency conversion) at current exchange rate.

In 2014, Moreschi counted a total of 400 employees, a production of about 250,000 pairs of shoes a year, with distribution in more than 80 countries, but does not stop there. The Moreschi family is eyeing the U.S. Market.

“At this time we are working to revive our shoes in the American market,” said Mario Moreschi. “The biggest values that I received are the humility, honestly and enthusiasm, for that I hope to continue to see in the world the spread of Made in Italy and the Moreschi’s walk,” he added.

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