Sienna Miller Replaces Emma Stone in ‘Cabaret’: A Look at the Leading Ladies

Sally Bowles is the “it girl” role of the season.

The latest to play the infamous “Cabaret” character: Sienna Miller. The “American Sniper” and “Foxcatcher” star is taking a break from Hollywood to step into Emma Stone’s shoes for the final six-week run of the Tony-nominated show.

Michelle Williams opened the revival as the bawdy amateur performer alongside Alan Cumming (who reprises his role as the Emcee) back in April 2014. After taking the show through Tony season, Williams left in August and was followed by red-headed starlet Stone. The role was Stone’s Broadway debut.

Critics have been quick to weigh in on the show’s star-fueled turnover. Michelle Williams’ take on Bowles was characterized by some as too soft, and her  singing voice (or lack thereof) became a major point of conversation. (We blame Liza Minnelli. Who could ever live up to her performance?) Stone fared better with critics by bringing a refreshing intensity to the part.

“This savvy Sally is no innocent outsider, but very much one of the Kit Kat Girls in ‘Mein Herr,’ slutty and predatory and scary as hell,” said Variety critic Marilyn Stasio of Stone’s interpretation.

While Miller is certainly going to have to prep for New York’s demanding theater critics and audiences, there’s one thing to be said about these leading ladies: They embrace fashion like any stage role, and we give them two-thumbs up for that.


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