Celebrity Factor: How Madonna, Taylor And Kim Are Making Hosiery Cool

I Heart Music Awards 2015, Madonna,
Madge wore over-the-knee boots and T Swift wore knee-high boots for their performance of "Ghosttown" — both paired with Wolford hosiery.
Getty Images.

High-profile hosiery wearers are also propelling the market, increasing visibility and helping to tip the trend.

Case in point: Pretty Polly Sales Director Eugene Culhane noted a “spike” in sales when Cara Delevingne was photographed wearing Pretty Polly’s Hello Kitty collaboration tights and also when Beyoncé sported its Secret Socks and Jessie J was seen in the Henry Holland suspender and star-print styles. “Our girl delights in fashion statements that don’t take themselves too seriously, which is exactly what this was all about,” Culhane said.

Wolford, which frequently hugs Kim Kardashian’s curves, scored a coup when both Madonna and Taylor Swift wore the label’s racy stay-ups for their performance together recently
at an iHeartRadio event. But it’s not just overt legwear looks that are garnering attention.

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Both Hue and Commando cite Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s almost im­per­ceptible hosiery — seemingly a statement of decorum rather than fashion — as highly influential. “Certainly, the sheer trend started with Kate, but it is taking on a life of its own,” said Commando President Kerry O’Brien, who added the barely-there Princess and the invisible Gloss styles to her line.

“It gives that perfecting, airbrushed look ­— like makeup for your legs,” noted O’Brien.