DiCaprio and ‘Birdman’ Director Team Up; See Men’s Footwear Inspired by the Role

A first look at a bearded Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant” has fans buzzing about his outdoorsy look and sharing very early Oscar hopes.

In his follow-up to Best Picture nominee “Birdman,” writer-director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu tackles the true story of a fur trapper seeking revenge in the early 1800s.

Hugh Glass, played by DiCaprio, is attacked by a grizzly bear and abandoned by his crew, which includes Tom Hardy. The movie follows Glass’ 200-mile journey back to civilization after his mauling to find the men who left him to die. Working with “Gravity” cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, Inarritu continues to make groundbreaking films.

Fans took to social media to respond to the news of the actor’s new film. Some hoped this would finally mean an Oscar for DiCaprio.

“DiCaprio to star in frontier epic The Revenant from Birdman director Inarritu. Please give him an Oscar this time; the man’s really trying” — Andrew Ewart

Another insisted viewers read the book by Michael Punke before seeing the movie:

“I’m adding The Revenant based on the book by Michael Punke to the list of books to read before you see the movie for 2015.”

With movies like “The Great Gatsby,” Leo has been at the forefront of fashion in cinema. Is it a coincidence that he plays a fur trapper at the same time Gucci sends fur-lined men’s shoes down the runway? You be the judge.

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