Snowboots and Blizzards, Haute Couture & More From Instagram This Week

It was another busy week in the Instagram world: Miss Universe, the SAG Awards, the apocalyptic blizzard that wasn’t, and couture week. Even the great Instagram outage on Jan. 26 didn’t stop fashion fiends from capturing great moments.

Winter Storm Juno was the big story out east. While New York City was spared, Massachusetts and Long Island weren’t as lucky and got slammed with as much as three feet of snow. The good news about the storm? Plenty of shots of great snow boots!

We particularly liked the Moonboots from Lizzie Tisch, founder of Suite 1521. It was a colorful take on a winter white day.

Timberland boots have been out in big numbers on the East Coast. One  star proclaimed her love for them on Instagram this week, albeit not for snowy reasons. Could Khloe Kardashian be a potential collaborator now that A.P.C. is out of the picture?

Also buzzing this week, the Miss Universe competition was held on Sunday evening. Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, took home the top prize. Vega stopped by the Trump offices (Donald Trump owns the competition) and made a memorable appearance on Instagram with Ivanka Trump. The Miss Universe crown seems to be a hot commodity.

Fashion with a capital F was on everyone’s lips as Kate Moss took British Vogue inside her shoe collection (hint: a lot of Louboutins), and at Haute Couture Week, Kendall Jenner returned to the Chanel runway.

And in case you missed the latest Iggy Azalea social media spat, this one involves her latest fashion collaborator, Steve Madden.

What were your favorite posts on Instagram this week? Tell us at @FootwearNews.

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