Iggy Azalea’s Inside Scoop: On Her Dream Duet and ‘Disgusting’ Denim Heels

Iggy Azalea has made her way to it girl status.

The Australian songstress recently announced her major footwear collaboration with Steve Madden (which sparked a Twitter rant after the photo shoot was shared on social media) and is gearing up for the Grammy Awards Sunday.

While she’s not performing, she will fight for the win in several categories, like Record of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Rap Album. Here, the star shares a few secrets with FN, like her style icon and music muse.

First pair of heels: “I think I was 13. I bought denim high heels with an open toe. They were disgusting. It was when boho chic was in.”

Style icon: “Gwen Stefani is someone whose style I absolutely love. It’s really hard to keep your style the same as you get older, but I think she found a way to be uniquely herself. She still finds a way to keep it interesting.”

Dream duet: “There are so many people who would be my dream. Missy Elliott, Outkast. I’d love to work with Nick Jonas and Sam Smith.”

Best city to perform in: “Los Angeles is always my favorite because [it’s where I live.] It’s a good atmosphere.”

Music muse: Missy Elliot. “She is the most directly influential as a female rapper. She’s tried different ideas, and she’s fashion-forward — very bold, in your face. She’s a big inspiration.”

Favorite social media: “I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. I like posting on Instagram. I only follow about eight people — Jennifer Lopez is the most interesting.”

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