Vegas Musts: David Bromstad Gives His Picks

What’s on David Bromstad’s Las Vegas agenda? Food and champagne. The artist, interior designer and HGTV host, who collaborates with Naturalizer, is a busy man who’s tackling a multitude of projects. Here, Bromstad reveals his favorite Vegas spots for shopping — and gambling when he’s off the clock.

Go-to gambling spot:
“If I gamble, I’ll press my luck at the outdoor pool casinos … once the champagne has kicked in.”

Top-notch shopping:
“That’s a tough question. I love to shop, and Vegas has so many fabulous stores. I am usually drawn to Louis Vuitton.”

Guilty pleasure:
“Drinking champagne by the pool and relaxing. I do love exploring all the diverse designs and architecture throughout Las Vegas, too.”

Drink of choice:
“Champagne [with] strawberries.”

Favorite Vegas diva on stage:
“Britney Spears.”

Best Vegas moment:
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby!”

Favorite pool party:
“One of the best pools in Vegas is at the Aria hotel. They have [three] beautiful pools to choose from. The Aria is located in the heart of Vegas, and inside is a yummy restaurant called Javier’s, which serves the finest Mexican cuisine while you are visiting the desert.”

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