Channing Tatum’s Invisible Friend — And Sleek Style; See His Shoes

Actor and Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum took to TV last night to promote his films and reveal to the world his long-lost imaginary childhood friend.

Tatum appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday to talk about movies, children and even his own personal upbringing, which involved a fictional friend named Boy, who ate peanut butter sandwiches stuffed with Cheetos.

“That’s what he said his name was, and I went with him on it,” said Tatum. “He just told me his name, and it was Boy, and I didn’t question him on it. He liked peanut butter sandwiches with Cheetos in them.”

Tatum wore a charcoal suit, matching dark tie and black laceups to Kimmel.

His current critical hit, “Foxcatcher,” is based on the true story of John DuPont (played by Steve Carell), who befriends two brothers before killing one of them. 

When Tatum unveiled his long-lost secret friend, Kimmel played along, inviting Boy out on stage to sit between them.

Tatum didn’t miss a beat, hugging his friend and carrying on a conversation as two people who hadn’t seen each other in some time would.

“What’s up, man? How’ve you been?” Tatum asked.

While we couldn’t see the friend, we like what we could see on Tatum: an overall well-fitting, sophisticated outfit.

Check out their banter — and Tatum’s sleek style — in the clip below.


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