The Golden Globes: Best and Worst Shoe Moments

Who would get your vote for best and worst footwear at the 2015 Golden Globes?

Here, top designers and industry personalities give us the inside scoop. (Unfortunately, a few names were too kind to highlight the evening’s footwear low points.)

Jerome Rousseau:

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Shoes
CREDIT: Reed Ingram Weir
Best: “Emma Stone. I thought she looked the best out of everyone last night. Her shoes were highlighted by the length of her trousers. I loved it.”

Camilla Alves. I liked the color of her dress, and her matching shoes are from me, so I’m obviously a bit biased on this one. I think she’s one of the most beautiful faces on the red carpet, too. I’m honored!”

Eddie Redmayne. Black patent classic! He looked like a winner last night.”

David Oyelowo. Fun glitter moment, I love it when men wear daring footwear on the red carpet.”

Alejandro Ingelmo:

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Shoes
CREDIT: Courtesy of designer
Best: Emma Stone. “The black satin pump complimented her Lanvin jumpsuit perfectly.”

Jennifer Lopez. “The stiletto sandal extended her leg and complimented the slit in the dress.”

Eddie Redmayne. “The matte patent chisel-toe laceups with a velvet blazer was a sharp choice.”

John Legend. “You can never go wrong in a navy suit and black leather laceups.”

Cameron Silver, Founder, Decades:

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Shoes
Cameron Silver
CREDIT: Courtesy

Best: “Emma Stone. She was one of the few whose look needed a perfect shoe — and this d’Orsay pump delivered. David Oyelowo for not being predictable or boring because men’s footwear is so exciting right now.”

Worst: “I love Alan Cumming‘s unique style and covet his tux, but for the Globes, I would have balanced his unconventional tux with more conventional footwear.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Jennifer Aniston‘s bland black sandal, but the high slit of her dress and her gorgeous legs deserved a shoe with more character.”

Natalie Joos, Tales of Endearment Writer, Model and Stylist:

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Shoes
CREDIT: Getty Images

Best: “I like any man in a tux or a suit. That really turns me on. Adrian Grenier looked smashing, for example. Midnight blue with those green eyes. (They are green, right?) Yowsa. I wish I’d been in that room tonight.”

Worst: “I love Kristen Wiig. Just looking at her makes me laugh, but I did not get her dress. I thought it was part of the act — like she was wearing a wedding dress to announce ‘Bridesmaids 2’ or something. It was a weird choice.”


Rebecca Minkoff:

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Shoes
CREDIT: Danielle Kosann

Best: “I loved the simple silver sandal that Dakota Johnson paired with her Chanel gown. It was subtle and elegant — one of the best looks of the night.”



Stacey Griffith, SoulCycle

CREDIT: Isa Wipfli
that Louboutin high-top! Too bad he couldn’t have walked around on his hands all night — those shoes are something to show off, for sure!”

“Second best was David Oyelowo shining brightly like a diamond everywhere , especially in his the Jimmy Choo Sloanes.”

“My favorite female, rocking Ann Demeulemeester combat boots, was Patti Smith, #girlpower! Way to dress in comfort and still bring some combat chic to the table.”

Worst: “I didn’t think anyone stood out as worst-dressed. I think for the most part, everyone seemed to have put a lot of effort into the night, raising the bar on the expectation of social media crushing their followers. Celebs have a lot more pressure on them these days to really bring it with their style, and they are really rising to the occasion.”


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