Kicks and Kids: Outstanding Mother Honorees Talk Shoes and Mothering

Balancing work and family was the hot topic as extraordinary women were celebrated for their “contemporary lifestyle leadership” by The National Mother’s Day Committee at its 37th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards on May 7 in New York City.

Accepting the honor this year were Meredith Vieira, host and executive producer of The Meredith Vieira Show, Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of “Cosmopolitan,” Dee Hilfiger, designer and creative director for Dee Ocleppo, and Liz Rodbell, president of Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor.

As the women of the hour worked the room, FN caught up with each of them to find out their best mothering advice. And of course, we could not forget about the shoes. Being a mother is tough work, and a girl’s got to keep a snazzy pair closeby to help get the job done.

Meredith Vieira
Vieira wearing Christian Louboutin pumps.
CREDIT: John Calabrese

The favorite shoe designer of the day, was Christian Louboutin—donned by Vieira and Rodbell—while Hilfiger strutted in Miu Miu open-toe Mary Janes and Coles wore her most comfortable pair of Gianvito Rossi ankle boots.

“Although they’re four-inch heels, they’re my flats,” said Coles pointing to her suede Rossi’s. “I can do everything in them. This is the state we’re in nowadays—four-inches are considered comfortable!”

Mindy Grossman, HSN’s CEO and director and 2010 honoree, was also on-hand to emcee the event and weighed in with her best mothering tip.

Dee Hilfiger
Hilfiger wearing Miu Miu peep-toe shoes.
CREDIT: John Calabrese
Liz Rodbell
Rodbell in Christian Louboutin pumps.
CREDIT: John Calabrese

Check out the ladies’ words of wisdom. 

Meredith Vieira, mother of three

Best advice: “Don’t be hard on yourself—I think we beat up on ourselves much more than anybody else does. I know from experience that juggling all of those balls is not easy and it’s okay when you drop one or two along the way. I think it’s important for your kids to see that sort of vulnerability. Also, if you’re a working mom—which my mom wasn’t, and that’s fine—kids see another side of you. I think my kids see that in me—that independence—and they view that as admirable.”

Joanna Coles, mother of two

Best advice: “Pick a good partner and a big circle of friends—it takes a town not a village to raise a child. Keep a really good sense of humor and remember what’s important.”

Dee Hilfiger, mother of three

Best advice: “Do the best you can. I don’t think there’s a magic recipe for it. I try not to beat myself up. I really do the best I can in juggling everything and I make it about the quality of the time and not the quantity of the time. I know I’m not at home as much as stay-at-home moms but I try to make the time I have home with my son, the best time.”

Liz Rodbell, mother of two

Best advice: “Include your children in everything. They will celebrate your successes; they will be there for you when you need them and they will grow from the experience.”

Mindy Grossman

Best advice: “Get rid of guilt. There is such a thing as having it all, you just can’t have it all at the same time. It’s not about work-life balance, it’s about a balancing act. We all just have to manage and understand that at different times ut’s going to feel a little rocky but it’s okay. If your intent is there and you’re doing the right thing for your family, your kids will know that.”

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