Oscar Fever: Winning Picks from Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman + More



It’s an Academy Awards race to the finish. The 87th annual ceremony will showcase the best in film, and hopefully in footwear too. Here, the industry casts their votes.

Manolo Blahnik
Best Picture: “’Boyhood’ because it is real story and its beautifully made.”
Best Actress: “Julianne Moore because she is a fabulous actress and looks good in anything!”
Best Actor: “Benedict Cumberbatch because he is a wonderful actor.”

Stuart Weitzman
Best Picture: “Theory of Everything. “How fortunate we are to have an Einstein in our generation and to have his story brought to us so eloquently.”

Oscar Nominations Designer Picks
Julianne Moore
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Best Actress: Julianne Moore. “I began to feel empathy for Julianne not for Alice; as she played her part so realistically.”

Rick Blackshaw, President, Sperry
Best Picture: “‘Boyhood’ was great. It was cool because there aren’t really movies that span 12 years of the actors’ lives. So that as a device was pretty awesome. [But I have to admit], it was a little bit slow moving. We also saw ‘American Sniper.’ That was pretty intense. The [nominations] really run the gamut, because you also have ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ which is so different. I absolutely love Wes Anderson.”

Beth Cross, President and CEO, Ariat International
Best Picture: “The Imitation Game.” “I’m a fan of Neal Stephenson, who wrote a book called The Diamond Age, which is about the Turing machine. It was great introduction to the history of the code breakers.”
Best Actress: Felicity Jones. “I enjoyed how she added depth to a character that could easily have been one dimensional as the supportive (but invisible) wife.”
Best Actor: Michael Keaton. “[It takes] real courage to play an aging actor with a story line that could be considered autobiographical.”

James Sowins, Creative and Brand Director, Dr. Scholl’s
Best Picture: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson brilliantly told tale, with sublime acting, art direction and story telling.
Best Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game
Acting reminiscent of Daniel Day Lewis, he becomes the character and takes you a spellbinding journey.
Best Actress: Julianne Moore. “I believe the most gifted actress in Hollywood, in her most challenging role; delivers a powerful performance.”

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