Kanye West Plugs Sneakers on “I Am Cait”

Move over Don King, there’s a new king of product plugs. Kanye West talked about his Adidas sneakers on the Sunday night premiere episode of “I Am Cait.”

The pitch perfect moment came when the sister of the reality show star, Caitlyn Jenner, asked the musician-turned-fashion influencer about his loosely fitting all-white sneakers.

“So, tell me about the untied shoes,” she said.

“These are sockless shoes,” West replied. “The laces are sort of after the fact.”

Adidas Ultra Boost
Adidas Ultra Boost in white.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

It’s not the first time West wore the Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers. He wore the same cool kicks during his show-ending performance at the Billboard Music Awards in May.

West has been making multiple headlines, thanks to his work with the Germany-based athletic label. The megastar and Adidas collaborated on the Yeezy 350 Boost, which hit stores June 27 and became one of the most-coveted sneakers of the summer. That style — a woven low cut version of its predecessor, the Yeezy Boost — comes in gray and retails for about $200.

Before working so closely with Adidas, the rapper had partnered with Nike to launch the Yeezy I and Yeezy II.

On the E! Entertainment reality show, which also featured Kim Kardashian, West spoke of his admiration for Jenner and for telling the world “this is who I am.”

Watch it here.

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